About Ecigs

Try An E Cigarette Lately?

E cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes are a recent phenomenon that has taken the market by storm, and has already grabbed a large market share of the tobacco market. The e cigerette is a mechanical device that simulates the smoking experience by using an atomizer within a hollow tube to vaporize a glycol liquid into vapor, which simulates the smoke of a cigarette.

The harmless vapor is then inhaled and exhaled, just as if the user is smoking a tobacco cigarette, but without all of the harmful tars and chemicals of cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke contains over 2,200 chemical, in which over 200 are carcinogenic, as well as the tobacco tar, which coats the lungs is, as well.

So there is good reason for people to say goodbye to tobacco and hello to the e cigs. The new devices are being marketed very smartly as the new, chic way to go, and now you can have the same pleasure of smoking, but without the dangers of tobacco.

E cigarettes are very simple in their construction, in that they consist of a hollow tube with a container of phenol glycol liquid that is atomized, forming the vapor. The user can also add different flavors such as mint, cherry, menthol, lemon, lime, apple, cinnamon, and cigarette. Nicotine can also be added in varying strengths.

People have used the e gigs to wean themselves off of tobacco cigarettes. The can switch from the tobacco cigarette to the e cigs and taper the strength of the nicotine on a gradual basis, until there is no more nicotine. Even if they maintained a similar nicotine level to the tobacco cigarette, they will be better off without the actual tobacco smoke.

Smoke from tobacco contains all kinds of harmful chemicals of which many are cancer causing. Over 160,000 lung cancer deaths are attributed to tobacco smoke. The tobacco tar that coats the lungs of a smoker is known to cause cancer and it also shuts down the mechanism that transfers oxygen from the lungs to our blood stream, which causes the killer, COPD.

We are now seeing an explosion of marketing by the ecigarette companies, and there are differently shaped devices to deliver the vapor from e smoking, but now is the chance for the industry to really make its mark.

Big tobacco is not taking this new emergence of the ecigs lightly, as Lolliard, the huge tobacco conglomerate just recently purchased Blu Cigs, one of the early pioneers of electronic cigarettes.

As always, different regulators have chimed in stating that ecigarettes need to be regulated because they have possible dangerous ingredients, which is preposterous, of course, but that is what regulators do, is to regulate. So far, the industry has done a wonderful job of regulating itself, and will in all likelihood, continue to do so.

Ecigarettes are here to stay and an entire new generation of people are embracing them, perhaps as their symbol of independence and individuality. It is going to be interesting to see how trends continue as the product continues to catch on.