Success with the E Cigarette

Since tobacco companies have been printing warning labels on their merchandise, the market has been developing nicotine containing products to help smokers quit the habit. Many people have found success with patches, gums, and lozenges. However, there are still people who wanted to quit that found these products unhelpful. This lead to the development of the e cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes look like traditional cigarettes. The are handled and used in the same manner. This allows the smoker to have a similar experience overall. Often, an integral part of the smoking habit includes the entire process, not just the ingestion of nicotine. The electronic cigarette shows great promise because it recognizes the needs of smokers to handle a product in the same way.

The electronic cigarette operates by a small battery. Some of the e cigs are disposable, and others can be recharged. Also inside of the e cigarette is a small vial of liquid nicotine. When someone inhales through the device, the battery vaporizes a small amount of the liquid. The liquid comes in a variety of flavors. Though traditional and menthol are the most common, some manufacturers have created fruit and other more exotic options.

The e cigarette does not contain tar and the processing chemicals of tobacco. This will allow the person to begin clearing the tar and healing the lungs once they make the switch from traditional to electronic cigarettes. Many of the chemicals used in production are very dangerous and can cause as much or more lung damage than the tobacco itself.

Making the switch from traditional to e cigs has helped many former smokers break their addiction to tobacco. The similar experience will make it easier for the individual to work their way through the various forms that their addiction to tobacco works.